Welcome to the home of the Lazy User Model (LUM)

This is the new home of the Lazy User Model (LUM) also known as the Lazy User Theory for Solution Selection.

The Lazy User Model is presented on these pages with the history of the method, the logic used, and examples of the method. There are also a number of links to resources about the method (original published papers and presentations) and a list of works citing the method.

News relevant to for example solution selection and technology adoption – with a connection to the method are also updated on these pages.

These pages replace the old LUM pages that were actively updated until about April 2012. The reason for the change is that using the WordPress platform makes my life a lot easier than updating the html of the old pages. For the nostalgic here is a link to the old LUM method page (not updated anymore).

These pages are administered and updated by Mikael Collan - more info on me here

For comments, suggestions, updating your work to the list of citing works using the Lazy User Model, articles, news and research collaboration email me at:

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