Publications & Presentations

First working paper

Collan, M., 2007, Lazy User Behaviour, Working Paper, Downloadable from RePEc

Paper presented at the CELDA 2007 Conference

Collan, M. and Tetard, F., 2007, Lazy User Theory of Solution Selection, in Proceedings or the CELDA 2007 Conference, pp. 273-278, Algarve, Portugal, 7-9, December, 2007, Link to IADIS digital library, with PDF download link Presentation from the CELDA 2007 Conference Download

Paper presented at the  42nd HICSS_Conference 2009

Tetard, F. and Collan, M., 2009, Lazy User Theory: A Dynamic Model to Understand User Selection of Products and Services, Proceedings of the 42nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, HICSS-42, Hawaii 2009, Download  from IEEE portal. Presentation from the 42nd HICSS Conference Download

Master’s thesis on the Lazy User Model of Solution Selection

Fredriksson, A., 2009, Mobile Services and the Process of Solution Selection, Pro Gradu Avhandling (Master’s Thesis), Technical Faculty, Department of Information Technology, Abo Akademi University, March 2009 Download

Paper presented at the 8th Global Mobility Roundtable Conference

Collan, M., Tetard, F., and Fredriksson, A., 2009, Understanding the User Selection Process of Mobile Services with the Lazy User Model: An Exploratory Study, Proceedings of the Global Mobility Roundtable Conference, 2-3. Nov. 2009 Cairo, Egypt. Presentation from the 8th GMR Conference Download

Paper presented at the 2nd Scandinavian Conference on Information Systems (SCIS 2011)

Collan, M. and Tetard, F., 2011, Lazy User Model: Solution Selection and Discussion about Switching Costs, in Salmela, H. and Sell, A. (Eds.), 2011, Nordic Contributions in IS Research, Lecture Notes on Business Information Processing, 86, part 2,  pp. 58-68, Springer, Heidelberg Abstract.  Presentation download in pdf.